Masters of the
Ripple Effect

We mould our customer experience management services to suit your business size and sector. Making full use of the Ripple Effect – well-managed drops of change multiply improvements across your business – highlighting where marginal gains will improve your relationship with employees and customers.


Exceptional customer experience

Get closer to your customers by giving your employees the tools to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction at every touchpoint of your organisation

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Earn customer loyalty

Use the Ripple Effect to create ripples of customer experience improvements throughout your organisation, internally and externally

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Real-time feedback

Implement joined-up, multichannel initiatives to improve your customer acquisition and retention using real-time customer data and analytics

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Why Customer Experience Management from RippleEx?

RippleEx understands the challenges you face in this fast paced, sharply competitive world. We get under the skin of your organisation, working with your leadership, operational, marketing and HR teams to share a common belief in exceptional customer experience – in as little as 12 weeks.

Customer Experience Management

4.-Agile---to-suit-you Agile – to suit your unique engagement needs

We are an agile customer experience management consultancy that puts our clients at the heart of everything we do. We observe strict professional and ethical standards, guard our clients’ confidences and manage resources cost-effectively.

5.-Smart-proven-methodologies Smart, Proven methodologies

RippleEx uses smart, proven measurements and insights to enable you to really listen and respond to your customers’ expectations. Our flexible services and training provide the tactical skills to develop a listening culture for your leaders and employees – tuning in to your customers’ desires.


You can count on us

Share your challenges with RippleEx and find out how we can make your organisation a champion of ‘best-in-class’ customer experience.

Mind the gap between reality and expectation

With a deep understanding of what excellence looks like from a customer perspective, we measure the gap between your current and ideal customer experience, then clarify where to direct your investment for the greatest commercial benefit.

Employees empowered with superior services = loyal customers = a successful business for you

Struggling to convert leads? High employee churn? Just beginning your customer experience management journey? We understand your challenges and equip your team with a toolkit of flexible, focused services.