About Us

RippleEx is a customer experience management consultancy that helps you get closer than ever to your customers and empower your employees to lead the customer experience.  Masters of the Ripple Effect – a broadening effect caused by a single action – we help you create ripples of improvement starting with just a single drop of well-managed change.

Through our smart measurements and insights, RippleEx will define the gaps in your customer service strategy, capture your customers’ needs and experiences, and provide you with the means to transform your business to respond better.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

At RippleEx, what drives us is our passionate commitment to outstanding customer experience.

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Our Values

Our Values

As a leader in exceptional customer experience, we of course go all-out to practice what we preach.

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Customer Experience Excellence

At RippleEx, we believe in exceptional customer experience and the decisive impact it has on overall success. We are a consultancy that’s agile enough to get under the skin of your business, with the expertise to offer a flexible set of meaningful customer experience insights and analytics.

RippleEx uncovers the areas in your business where incremental improvements will make a cumulative impact on customer gain, retention and revenue. We help you to take action, so that each decision you make is based on real-time customer feedback.

Masters of the
Ripple Effect

We mould our services to suit your business size and sector. Making full use of the Ripple Effect – well-managed drops of change multiply improvements across your business – highlighting where marginal gains will improve your relationship with employees and customers.