Customer Experience: Impact on Your Business

Customer experience matters to more than just the customers themselves; it also has a very real and direct impact on your business. After all, your business relies on its customers to make money and whether it succeeds on that count depends in many ways on the experience your customers have. The effects of customer experience on your business are both significant and many-sided, so there are a number of reasons to put in the effort needed to get it right.

Good Experiences Drive Customer Loyalty

A good experience is one of the biggest things customers value. It’s often undervalued on this count, but it is easily in the same league as quality and price when it comes to factors that customers look for in a business. Time and time again, research has shown that most customers will pay more for a product or service if it means getting a superior experience, and are more likely to come back to a business that they’ve had a good experience of in the past. Despite consumers becoming increasingly cost-conscious in recent years, a better customer experience still makes a customer significantly less likely to be tempted elsewhere just to save money. In short, a good customer experience will get your business more custom and therefore increased revenue by creating loyal customers who will come back for more.

Customer Experience Brings More Customers

Offering customers a good experience will not just keep them coming back, but bring in new customers. Word of mouth can be a powerful thing, and a happy customer will be sure to tell their friends that they’ve had a good experience with your business. Even if you offer them incentives for doing so through a refer-a-friend scheme, they are more likely to take advantage of it if they feel you are generally worth recommending. They are also more likely to leave positive reviews on social media and on independent review sites, which can have a powerful influence on the buying decisions of many potential new customers. If you’re confident in your customer experience, you can even actively encourage reviews from customers in order to drive more business your way.

Damage Control

Every business in every sector makes mistakes now and again. That’s a simple and unavoidable fact, but one customer’s on the receiving end of these mistakes aren’t always very good at appreciating. When mistakes happen, it has the potential to achieve the opposite to a good experience on both of the above counts; driving customers away and leading them to recommend others avoid you too. While some mistakes are inevitable, the better-developed your customer experience practices the fewer unhappy customers you are likely to have and the lower damage levels will be. Just as importantly, the more likely you are to deal well with that mistake and have a happy customer on your hands after all at the end of it.

Our specialism is helping businesses to give their customers the best possible experience, and to implement effective customer experience strategies that will drive their business forward on the back of satisfied buyers. For help improving the customer experience offered by your business, please get in touch.

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