Customer Experience Management Strategy

Creating an effective, sustainable, omni-channel framework for change

The chances are you are running many customer initiatives, but are they integrated across all departments?  RippleEx brings together your leadership, operations, HR and marketing teams to create a joined-up strategy and gives them the toolkit to improve your customers’ experience.

With so many channels available to connect with your customers, the strategy we create for you will codify your values into every customer touchpoint:

  • Online
  • Face-to-face
  • Social media
  • In store
  • Telephone
Customer Experience Management Strategy

Exceptional customer experience will weave through your company DNA, your employees will carry that belief into every customer interaction.

RippleEx will carry out a Maturity Assessment to benchmark the state of play at your organisation. Assessing how your business performs on key customer experience practices at the outset helps us to develop a future-proof customer experience programme.

As an insight into what this means for your business, we can provide a high level rapid  assessment of your customer experience maturity with a brief report showing recommendations on where improvements and focus are needed to drive your company further on the customer experience maturity path. Contact one of our expert consultants for your complimentary report.

What drives employee engagement?

What drives employee engagement?

Are you struggling to maintain morale or simply don’t know how your employees feel about their workplace? If your HR team doesn’t have the resources to measure staff satisfaction (or if you don’t have an HR team!), RippleEx can step in – we understand the factors that drive employee fulfilment.

Exceptional customer experience can only be delivered by a fully engaged employee base. RippleEx works with you to measure your employees’ experience – interpreting survey data and helping you to prioritise initiatives to improve employee satisfaction.


Contact one of our expert consultants  to discuss your customer experience strategy.