Transform to an Experience Driven Organisation

Experience is one of the things customers value most. Even in these fairly cost-conscious times, research has shown that lower prices can be trumped by a better experience, and experience-driven organisations are the best at keeping their customers coming back for more. But how do you turn your existing organisation into a customer-focussed and experienced-driven one when it requires a shift away from your well-established existing business culture? There are a number of steps you might like to take to help drive this change.

Reward Loyalty

Building loyalty is one of the key benefits of being experience-driven in business. One of the best ways to drive loyalty and make customers feel that your business is out to please them is to make sure that they are rewarded for loyalty. That way, they feel their business is truly valued and at the same time have active incentives to keep buying from you. Good examples include loyalty point schemes and sending out discount codes periodically to existing customers. In a somewhat related vein, rewarding people for spreading the word through refer-a-friend schemes can also be a great way to incentivise happy customers to spread the word and bring you new custom.

Set Clear Guidelines

In order to turn your organisation into an experience-driven one, you need to change the culture among your staff to one that absolutely puts the customer first. However, this is not easy to do on a simple say-so, and different members of staff are likely to have different ideas about how far they should look out for the customer’s interests. To keep things consistent and make sure that it is done properly, it is probably a good idea to set out clear guidelines for staff to follow, along with mission statements and goals which will help them to properly grasp what the transformation means from the point of view of a company culture and attitude.

Engage With Customers

Giving customers a good experience involves a lot more than giving them smooth transactions and reliable order fulfilment – though of course these things are vital too. What happens when customers raise a complaint or simply make an enquiry? What happens if they are talking about your company on social media? Good, effective and personal engagement can stop customers seeing you as a faceless and impersonal business and instead get them thinking about you as an organisation with its own personality and which cares about its customers. Having stock responses to common queries is fine, for example, but can be unhelpful when they are relied upon too much. Simply encouraging staff to tweak or tailor them sometimes when they could be more applicable or personal can make a big difference. So can actively engaging proactively in discussions about your company on social media. Perhaps the most powerful form of engagement, however, is to simply ensure that you listen to customer criticisms and feedback and look for ways to act on them and improve things.

Customer experience is our speciality, and we have a strong track record of helping businesses become more experience-focussed and start putting their customers first. For help bringing about this kind of transition within your business, please contact us.

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