Our Processes

Customer Service Management Processes

Our Process

So, you’ve seen who we are, what services we offer and which sectors we operate in, but what you really want to know is… how the heck do we go about leading the Ripple Effect of change within your business? Our processes are thorough & step-by-step to ensure that we work as part of your team to:

  • Set direction for your strategy
  • Establish clear metrics and targets
  • Identify and prioritise the most critical elements
  • Implement agreed actions

See Your Business

The RippleEx team of researchers, visual designers and customer experience experts create a map of the customer’s end-to-end journey. We understand the psychology behind the customer’s motivations and desired outcomes, giving you a set of guiding principles to recognize their emotions and the tools to better manage or exceed their expectations.

Through our smart analytics advanced modelling algorithms, we quantify the link between perceived experience and attitudinal evaluation to help you determine what you should do to improve the customer experience and where to priorities investment.

Proven Results

At RippleEx, we know that every day your customers aren’t getting the best experience from your business hurts your bottom line. Our methods are tested and proven, our deployment process is set up without delay and you can start using the model in as little as 12 weeks.

Take a look at our services to see what might work for your organisation or get in touch with one of our consultant to talk through your challenges.