Our Customer Experience Management Sectors

RippleEx leads the way in designing sector-specific customer experience programmes for new and established medium-sized businesses.

To create a best-in-class customer experience we must first measure the distance between customer expectation and reality. But what a customer wants depends on so many factors, not least the business sector with which they are interacting.

Customers are influenced by their contact with your business at every touchpoint via every channel and form strong opinions that can be hard to reverse. At RippleEx, we understand the challenges faced in building exceptional customer experience in many different business sectors.

When it comes to customer relationships, one size definitely does not fit all – what works in a retail environment may not be successful in the healthcare sector. By understanding the distance between customer expectation and reality, and then instigating sector-specific solutions we help you reduce the gap and deliver best-in-class experience.

As a young, nimble consultancy, RippleEx helps businesses in a wide range of sectors to develop the values and strategy needed to create a Ripple Effect of change: engaging employees and improving customer retention. We are flexible enough to embrace new challenges in alternative sectors and we offer proven expertise in the following sectors:

The Customer Experience Management sectors we serve

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