Travel, Leisure & Hospitality

The world is shrinking and customers expect excellence in their leisure experience

The Internet and mobile technology have changed the travel and hospitality industry forever. Today, companies are faced with the challenge of providing customer experiences that set them apart from their competitors while anticipating and responding to customers’ constantly evolving needs and expectations – which often vary from channel to channel. Do you know what your customers most value in their leisure experience and are you confident that you can consistently deliver it?

What drives employee engagement?

How satisfied are your customers with the experience you provide? Is your brand being perceived consistently across your online and offline channels? How do your customers’ needs differ by segment (e.g., loyal customers, comparison shoppers, first-time visitors)? It’s time to find out.

RippleEx’s multichannel customer experience analytics help you answer these questions and more. Our proven approach to customer experience measurement precisely and accurately analyses the voice of your customers so you know where to focus resources to keep your customers satisfied, loyal and coming back.


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